Gaming Memories: Demo Discs

Every console nowadays has access to the internet, accompanied with some version of an online store. So, no matter if it’s a handheld or home console, there’s a way to download demos of the latest games. But before that became possible, it was all about the demo disc. Demo discs normally consisted of a handful of games, and they were either a mixture of upcoming … Continue reading Gaming Memories: Demo Discs

NFL Free Agency: For The Love of Money

In the infancy of free agency, players made the move to another team, mostly for the prospect of reaching the proverbial mountaintop, and winning a Super Bowl title. Now, when most players are free agents, a title is the least of their concerns. Year after year, I see players leave great teams, or teams on the cusp of greatness, to go to San Diego or Buffalo, … Continue reading NFL Free Agency: For The Love of Money