Xbox One Failures: No Games!

The Xbox One and PS4 have been embroiled in console combat for over three and a half years, and it’s abundantly clear that there’s a runaway victor emerging from the smokescreen. Sony’s machine has sold over 60 million units, compared to around 30 million for the Xbox. Because of that fact, the weekly top ten sales charts are normally littered with PS4 and 3DS games, but rarely do you see more than two Xbox one games on there, and if so, they are probably located on the bottom half.

Now initially, the Xbox One stumbled out of the gate because of its foolish DRM policies that were quickly reversed, but like the PS3 in the last generation, having good enough exclusives is the easiest way to crawl out of console purgatory. Well, safe to say, that’s the biggest reason for the desolate doldrums dooming the Xbox. Other than multiplats like GTA and Call of Duty, the only exclusives that Microsoft can herald are Gears of War, Forza, and Halo. That’s over the whole lifespan of the console! Absolutely unacceptable!! Just look at the exclusives that the PS4 has had in 2017 alone. An array of critically acclaimed titles like Horizon Zero Dawn, Persona 5, Nioh, and Nier: Automata, with easily another four to five more to add on that list.  It’s clear that Sony is going all in on the gaming spectrum, and it’s paying off in spades. There’s absolutely no way the Xbox One will catch up because it just simply doesn’t have enough bullets in the gun, while the PS4 is spraying shells from an AK-47.


This harks back to the philosophy that it doesn’t matter about all the media or auxiliary features that a system boasts. The bottom line is that you gotta have great games to entice people to want to spend $300 on your console. There’s a reason to buy a PS4 because not only are you getting great sequels to long standing franchises, you’re also getting a plethora of new IPs to captive your gaming sensory. That’s just something you can’t say about the Xbox One.

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