Persona Fever

There are many games that tickle my fancy before they’re released to the masses. Whether it was Final Fantasy XV, Tales of Berseria, or Horizon Zero Dawn, I didn’t go out and buy those games as soon as they came out. I was content with just wading it out, and getting a used copy for $30-40 a few weeks later. Persona 5, this game is a whole different animal though.

About a year ago, I fell in love with the Shin Megami Tensei franchise. Amazing gameplay, deep characters, fantastic plots, and the eargasmic soundtrack, were some of the reasons why I delved so deep into the series. After beating Persona 3, and Person 4, I followed the fifth edition very closely, even getting a PS4 solely because of that game. As much as I hate game pre-orders, I broke my own ideology because I wanted that beautiful steelbook case that GameStop gives you with it. I haven’t bought a game on launch day in years, Persona 5 is a game I must have ASAP.

The early reviews have been off the charts, currently holding a 94 on Metacritic. Safe to say, I haven’t been this excited for a game in quite a long time. Honestly, April 4th can’t come quick enough!

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