Playstation Flash Sale Tease

One of the reasons I love owning a PS3 and PS4, is because periodically the PSN Store will have a crazy flash sale, slashing prices down to as low as 75%. Not to mention, the games on sale aren’t low quality, there are many triple A titles that are up for grabs.

The problem I run into, is that as great as those deals are, and boy are they great, at the end of the day, they’re still digital. That may not mean much to a lot of gamers, but as a collector, even if I buy the digital copy, I eventually have to buy the physical one as well. That means essentially you have to buy the same game twice, and nobody wants to do that.

So to me, though I personally love what Sony’s doing, because Microsoft isn’t even close in comparison to deals on their Xbox Marketplace, it really is nothing more than a tease. I’m not going to buy both a digital and physical copy of a game, so as enticing as it is, I awe and marvel at the incredible sale prices, but don’t end up buying anything. I wish those same companies that allow their digital games to be on sale, could sell the physical copy for the same price on their website. I would totally be on board, and I believe a lot of gamers that collect would as well. Hopefully in the future, that can happen, because my collection would be much bigger if that were the case.

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